2017 | 40 x 40 x 50 cm
Copper, Stainless Steel, Resin, Magnetism
Edition of 21

Over a year’s work and billions of calculations, an anamorphic algorithm, magnetism... not to mention a whole production team – you wouldn’t imagine that this sculpture is all about Childhood.

I look back on my own childhood and marvel at how the line between imagination and reality was so blurred. Somehow I needed to try and capture that complex relationship in this artwork. Can you still see the imaginary with your own eyes? Can you still believe in the existence of daydreams nurtured in your own mind? At what point did you accept reality as what you see? This sculpture explores the relationship between fantasy and reality in the mind of a child.

Credits: With special thanks to the amazing individuals on this project, without whom a production of this scale could never happen!  Graham Walker, Avi Mussel, Dmitrij Matikiv, Tim Gould, Ross Morgan, Jonathan Hancock, Kiaran Macdonald, Haidi Perry, Joanna Nield, Sally Vaughan, Janine Collins, Yifat Davidoff