Physics is Funny

2013 | Wax and Resin | 30 x 25 x 4 cm

This study of my children happened one evening on a train going into London.  I was watching them get the giggles over a small ball they had on the table which was rolling around as the train accelerated and bumped. Their laughter at the wonders of the world put life into perspective for me.  Being someone who spends an inordinate amount of time pondering equations, I suddenly became aware of how seriously science takes itself.

This is a sculpture of physics at its very funniest.

This piece needs a bright light shining behind it to reveal an image of the laughing children as the rays of light pass through the variably-transparent resin. 

You really need to illuminate science in a *very* particular way to see the sense of humour in it :-)

Images 2013: Niina Keks and Otto Pierrotto