A Geometric Look At 3D Illusionist Techniques

Presented At

ICGG 2018 – Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics


Maria Helena Wyllie L. Rodrigues

Madalena R. Grimaldi

Daniel W. L. Rodrigues

The work of Jonty Hurwitz is covered in the paper as the authors present a brief description of the ideas of scholars and artists, who sought to systematise the laws of Perspective, and compare them with the breakthroughs made in recent times. In this comparison, it is given special attention to the compositions that invite those who attend their exhibitions not to merely watch scenarios but also interact with them and experience an anamorphic immersion in a kind of a magical world.

The article includes several photos, which were personally taken in places where the positioning of planes allows the observers to complete an image, provided it is observed in accordance with a certain point of view.

Under certain circumstances, the visitors can even be included into the scenographic set, acting as extra characters in the 3D simulation. The authors highlight the creativity some street artists employed in designing their murals, and analyse the procedures taken and described by them to display their works to an audience composed of visual effects addicts. Some excerpts of interviews, when the artists provide information on their working methods and show their enthusiasm for the several possibilities of creating new plastic scenes, are a vivid example of the integration between Geometry and Art.