Work Selected for Parallel Lines: Drawing and Sculpture

This exhibition will explore how artists have used line in both drawing and sculpture. Guest Curator Caroline Worthington (Director, Royal Society of Sculptors) will use twentieth century sculptures from The Ingram Collection placed alongside contemporary drawings from the members of the Royal Society of Sculptors (RSS). The RSS is based at Dora House, South Kensington and is an artist led, membership organisation. They lead the conversation about sculpture today through exhibitions and events for all.

We are delighted to announce that the following pieces have been selected for consideration:

Body Obsessed World:

How do I perceive my own body?

The mirror is at the heart of our relationship with our own bodies. These sculpture use mirrors to project the illusion of self. 

At the heart how society perceives physical beauty, is how we perceive ourselves. Society’s flaws begin with the self.

From these holographic bronze sculptures, we can explore the fake impressions we create of ourselves.


The Hurwitz Singularity:

“The technological singularity” is a future time speculated in science fiction. At the singularity moment, a human made machine will design a machine more advanced than itself. This moment will mark the end of mankind’s dominance.

The singularity is the moment that machines become more intelligent than us. Some analysts expect the singularity to occur some time in the 21st century, although their estimates vary -Wikipedia.


Glyndbourne Afternoon


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