Touching the Identum

2009 - 2012 | Perspex, ink and resin | 17 x 25 x 5 cm

From early childhood I have studied the stars.  I spend a lot of time pondering the nature of the universe and trying to touch on one revelation that transforms our understanding.  I believe that gravity is not the force binding the Milky Way together. It certainly plays a part. 

It started as a journey to understand the way of things; to understand the unexplained interaction between everything. Like all physicists, I dream of a Unified Theory.  The single binding explanation holding all of the universe together. The creator’s own formula transcribed in the atheist notation of mathematics. I worked my way through gravity, magnetism, strong force, weak force – eventually ending up gazing at the heavens in a desperate attempt to touch on something… anything.  I looked up for a sign from the physical.  To me, space represented the purest place to hunt for the unknown – where the laws of physics could be applied en-masse without the intervention of complex external forces like society. A place where each dot in my eyes could be an entire galaxy.  I searched the heavens hoping for an anomaly as much as I was hoping for a pattern.

My findings/beliefs show that stars of similar Identums may resonate rather powerfully with one another. 

This is the sculpture of that journey and belief system.