Mother’s hand

Science Centre Singapore

2017 | Resin, Fibreglass & Stainless Steel

"A Mother's hand is the fuel that enables normal people
to achieve the IMPOSSIBLE"

A MOTHER'S LOVE fuels normal people to achieve the IMPOSSIBLE Anamorphic Sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz Live at the Science Centre, Singapore from May 2017

My Mother was the study for this sculpture.  As we spent quiet hours together in the studio, I took great care to appreciate the true depth and meaning of the hands I saw before me. I imagined them holding me as a child.  The hands that reared my spirit, the hands that carried all that I am. 

This sculpture represents un-measured aspects of a Mother, the complex decisions that her hands make.  The combination of millions of small maternal gestures that together add up in the most beautiful complex outcome … you. What better way to express this than with the mystical and irrational number π?

The mystery of Pi

π is one of the great mysteries of mathematics.  It is to math what a quantum particles is to physics - one of the fundamental building blocks.  π in its essence is the heart of all that is circular in the universe. If you look closely at this sculpture you may understand the nature of π just a little bit better.  Try and understand how this abstract constant interacts with the world around you.  Explore,  stand closer, go further….see how π interacts with you and your environment.