Dietro di me

2009 | Glazed glass 

Winner of the 2009 Noble Sculpture Prize.

Dietro di me is a larger-than-life sculpture of a my father. A series of cross-sections of his naked body glazed onto sheets of structural glass. From the front and back we see the changing, three-dimensional shape of man much as we see the geographical contours of hills in an ordnance survey map.  Viewing this sculpture from the sides, the man almost magically disappears: we see through the glass spaces to the trees that surround the glade. 

'Dietro di me' represents the way a child perceives parental support. As you move around the piece, you are presented with different images of a father figure, from present and solid on occasions to ephemeral and absent altogether on others, reflecting those times when even the most supportive parent is not there and one learns to be alone.

Thank you to Bruno Noble for believing in me and getting behind this piece.  It can be seen at Bruno's spiritual home Colletta in Liguria, Italy.