Lost Me

2017 | Acrylic, Mirror, Aluminium | 75 x 75 cm

Where are you?

2008 - 2013 | Acrylic paint on perspex | 33 x 22 x 21 cm

E=mc2 is the famous equation developed by Albert Einstein. E stands for energy, m stands for mass and c is the speed of light. In a nutshell the equation tells us that mass and energy are the same thing. At a subatomic level we are no more than layers of energy fields creating the illusion of solidity. 

We are made up empty space. Our understanding of the physical world is limited by the veil of our perceptions. This piece zooms subatomic space to the resolution of human understanding. It gives us the opportunity to digest how matter is a matter of perception.


Photography 2013 by Otto Pierrotto and Niini Keks

Moon Faces

2008 - 2013 | Acrylic on Canvas | 5 canvases  x 100 x 100 cm

This series of paintings was dreamt up with one eye peering through a large home telescope for long periods of time. 

'Faces of the Moon' is done in two colours  and explores my own face as I move through my biorhythmic cycle. In this piece, I can't help seeing the link between my own cycles and those of the solar system as a whole.

While painting I became fascinated with finding the minimum amount of information required for the human brain to make sense of what it consumes. The great physicists were able to derive laws and equations with what appeared like fragments of data at the time. 

Images 2013: Niina Keks and Otto Pierrotto

The Astronomer's Wife

2013 | Acrylic on Canvas | 100 cm x 100 cm

"I want enlightenment and I want it now!"

It marked the moment in my life that I made the decision to try and see myself through the eyes of my wife. My chance to express her love and doubt through art. My perception of her perception.  When I started the painstaking process of producing this work I felt a sense of urgency. "I want enlightenment and I want it now!".  It was the astronomer in me that needed space and time. The soul who sits quietly for hours on end gazing at the start to try and understand its place in the Universe by simplifying it. I chose triangles as a way of reducing my feelings into tangible geometry. Also a tribute to a hero in my life, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.

After working in a capitalist rat race almost non-stop every waking hour for 20 years, balance did not come easily.  The painstaking process of painting each and every triangle gave me the space to slow down. 

The Reality Veil 

2010 | Pencil on printer paper | 8 x A4

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ― Albert Einstein

I find myself regularly questioning the nature of reality as I journey through life.  In this series of sketches I draw an imaginary woman called V3 as she rotates in space and time with her body passing through a veil of non-existence.

The strong and lonely

2013 | Acrylic and Ink on Canvas | 50  x 150 cm

The Strong and Lonely is an exploration of how to get two personalities physically occupying the same space. 

Spiritually we seem able to do this easily.  The painting was my exploration into how to achieve this spiritual duality in a physical way.

This work started at a time in my life when I slipped a disk in my neck doing Yoga. I had to maintain such a strong exterior while feeling so alone in my physical pain.  Much of this painting was done on my back horzintally in bed...Sistene Chapel-style. With that said, it took around 2 years to finish.

Technically this piece is a lovely balance between raw hand work and mathematics.  I used Quadratic Edge Decimation on a high resolution point cloud to create the triangular meshes. All sounds pretty geeky (and it is).  When the two heads are brought together though, it becomes a beautiful (and painstakingly long) manual process of melding them line by line. This painting was a long meditation.

The Strong and Lonely is also dedication to a dear friend who has been in my life for almost as long as I can remember. He has taught me, challenged me, relied on me, supported me, questioned me.  Above all he has cared consistently.  A life long friendship is truly a precious thing. 

Daughter Doorway

2014 | Spray paint on a door

This painting is a dedication to my beautiful daughter on her 13th brithday.


Helping Hand

2012 | 100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas