Sinusoidal Perfume

2009 | Resin and Powder


I like the idea of distorting a beautiful scent in spacetime.  Its got a ridiculous ring to it but I was really influenced by the book "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind, who found a ground-breaking perspective on scent.  

This image was captured by my sister at a moment where she was deeply in love and on 'Honeymoon'. Its taken in an old french perfumery.  The image is then distorted into space using a damped sinusoid.  Sinusoid reminded me of Sinus and so that's be basis of choosing this particular algorithm :-)  There is a perfect point of observation where all the shelves straighten opposing the influence of the waves.  

I've tried to capture it on camera several times rather unsuccessfully. These images are the best I've got so far. I know the focal point is there mathematically but I haven't quite been able to find it yet in the physical world. 

A short video I did in the shed to show the anamorphic effect.